The 205th Aviation Company was a medium lift helicopter unit flying CH-
47 "Chinook" aircraft in Vietnam and Germany. While in Vietnam and part
of the First Aviation Brigade, the 205th provided airlift support to American
and allied forces ground troops.
In Germany, the Geronimos were an independent medium lift helicopter
company assigned to the 4th Transportation Brigade (later the 4th
Transportation Command).
The 205th formed at Ft. Sill Oklahoma, deployed to Vietnam in the Spring
of 1967 and was stationed at Phu Loi. In late 1970, the 205th was
inactivated and its colors transferred to Ft. Benning, Georgia where it was
reactivated in June, 1971. Two years later, the Geronimos deployed to
Germany and were assigned to Finthen Army Airfield, near the city of
A unique aviation company, the 205th had a special mission supporting
the United States Army Europe. Missions of the 205th took its aircrews to
most of Western Europe - Norway, Denmark, Great Britain, France,
Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Greece,
Turkey, Spain, and Egypt.
After 15 years in Europe and over 3 years in Vietnam, the 205th was
redesignated in December, 1988.
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